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    • On Viewsta you can order services for all popular social networks promotion:

      All other services are listed here.

    • You can top up your balance via:

      • Bitcoin
      • Credit Card
      • Perfect Money
      • Capitalist
      • AdvCash

      All the other available methods are listed here.

    • In order to prevent fraud activity our system requires KYC verification. Right after spotting suspicious transaction, our system sends you a message:

      "Your transaction was marked as high-risk by the payment system, because it was without 3D secure. In this case we are obliged to verify your identity to confirm that the card belongs to you and ensure legitimacy of the transaction.

      In order to complete the payment we kindly ask you to send us the following:

      1. Photos of the sides of the card you used for this payment and where we can clearly see your name, surname and the LAST 4 digits of the card’s number. Surely, you can cover part of your card’s number and CVV.
      2. Photo of your ID (Similarly, you can cover part of the digits from your ID number.)
      3. A selfie with your ID where we can see clearly: your face, name and surname.

      Please note, that it takes some time to update our allow-list manually, so you might receive a few more high-risk notifications after sending the docs. However, it is enough to provide it just once, after that your transactions will be approved soon.

      Thank you very much for understanding!"

      From this moment you can do one of the following: completing the verification progress or refuse to do so. Following first one you can send the required docs to our financial department directly through your personal account on

      If you are to refuse to complete the verification, you will receive a refund within 5-10 days.

      And, sure, feel free to contact our customer support team if you will have any questions about the current stage of you transaction. Thank you!

    • Delivery speed depends on service and a load on a platform at the moment.

      We advise you to check service description to find out average delivery speed and other details before creating an order.

      Please notice that in case of SMM services faster doesn’t mean better. Most high-quality services have lower speed. It allows you to be sure that all statistics will be counted correctly and avoid drops.

      If the term expired but your order is not completed yet, please contact us via live-chat on

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    22 Sep 2023

    I like that here you can easily get likes for your Instagram posts, and it’s very cool. The prices are affordable, I was able to afford their services without any problems, and I like it. The site provides high-quality services and guarantees them all. The design is simple and clear, I like that everything here is minimalistic and convenient. The likes came quickly and didn’t delete anything.


    18 Jan 2024

    I think it is a trusted site that will help to grow a YouTube channel very fast .At present it is too hard to grow a YouTube channel because of hard competition . In this competition , this site will help you to grow your channel and show your talent to the world

    Alex Kim

    11 Mar 2024

    Good service, I liked it. Thanks to viewsta, it turned out to gain popularity and provide me with an organic growth of subscribers to my Twitch channel, I also increased the trustworthiness of my account. The prices are acceptable, and the growth of subscribers was fas


    10 Feb 2023

    Affordable prices, quality services, 100% guarantee. viewing quality. thank you for the welcome gift of free 1000 views, the watch time is high, the video really rises in the ratings and this helps to reach the required number of hours for monetization. project trust.