What is Viewsta?


Viewsta is a cross-functional SMM panel that generates and sells traffic for all social media platforms.

We provide all kinds of digital promotion and help people reach popularity. Our clients are micro and huge bloggers, streamers, agencies, and businesses. Sometimes one doesn’t need to be famous, but needs to be heard and noticed - here comes Viewsta to help with the promotion.

All kinds of traffic available on Viewsta are of the best quality. Our Support Team is always ready to help you choose the most appropriate one for you.

We provide flexible conditions according to the needs and aims of each client.

Our traffic sources

Partnership sites

your video or stream can be placed as pre-roll in sites of different topics

Google AdWords

the advertising campaign can be launched in the Ads Manager. We create the campaign manually and watch the processing and results.

Social media networks

seeding in social media. Your content links will be placed in different channels and groups of all leading social media networks.


our users will watch your videos, subscribe and increase engagement.

Every tool has its own features. You can learn more about Viewsta promotion details in our media kit.

Media Kit

How does Viewsta for customers work

You create an order and select a service. Every service has its sign depending on the kind of traffic reaching.

Choose the appropriate kind of promotion.
In case you are not sure what to choose, feel free to ask the Support Team. They are always ready to help.

Watch the order completion in your personal account at Viewsta and in your channel statistics.

After the first order delivery in case of drops, all guaranteed services will be refilled.

Create an order

How does Viewsta for performers work

At the moment tasks for YouTube promotion services are available.
Tie your account to start

Open the “Help People & Earn” section
Choose a task which you want to do and click “perform”

Watch the order completion in your personal account at Viewsta and in your channel statistics.

The money will appear in your account during 24 hours after the task is completed

Spend your reward for your own channel promotion. Choose any service at Viewsta and create an order.

Do the Task

Find out more information about tasks in our F.A.Q


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